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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 

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Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 

375 Church Street 
North Adams, Massachusetts 01247 

Message from the President to the Class of 2009 

Dear Members of the Class of 2009: 

Congratulations on your graduation from 
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts! I wish 
you every success. Earning a baccalaureate or 
masters degree is a significant 
accomplishment. You should be proud of this 
milestone; I know that we are all very proud 
of you! Your degree from MCLA will prove 
valuable as you pursue next steps in your 
career or graduate school. 

I hope you will look back at your time at 
MCLA with fondness. You have worked hard 
to complete your studies, you have developed 
enduring relationships with members of the 
faculty and staff, and you have built 
friendships that will last a lifetime. I urge you 
to continue those bonds in the years ahead; 
they will serve you well, personally and 

As you begin your new job, continue your 
education or explore new opportunities, please 
keep in touch with MCLA. As alumni of the 
college you are our best examples of success 
and serve as important role models for future 
students as well as passionate advocates and 
champions for your alma mater. 

MCLA is a better institution because of you! I 
consider it a true privilege and a great 
pleasure to have had a chance to get to know 
you and serve as your president. I wish you 
great happiness and a bright, fulfilling future, 
and I look forward to calling you fellow 


Mary K. Grant, Ph. D 


"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead 
where there is no path and leave a trail." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Elyssa Baker 
Joseph Baker 
Alison Barker 
Marcelle Bastille 
Miranda Bemis 
Deena Berman 

David Bisesi 
Amey Blackburn 
Gianfranco Bravo 
Sarah Brooks 
Marta Brown 
Matt Burke 

Michael Callahan 
Edward Cano 
Michelle Capobiano 
Corinne Cardin 
Elizabeth Carlson 
Thomas Carter 

Lauren Casola 
Joesph Cavaliere 
George Charest 
Jamal Clark 
Brittany Corbett 
Mikki Correia 

Joey DeFreese 
Barbara DeNucci 
Kevin DeSantis 
Steven DeSantis 
Darsa Donelan 
Matthew Douglas 

Class of 2009 

Danielle Durand 
Diante Ellis 
Raul Escobar 
Peter Fitzgerald 
Rebecca Fleckner 
Andrew Gaines 

Albert Gardner 
Crystal Garneau 
Robert Gibson 
Hannah Giroux 
Alicia Gwozdz 
Kristen Havens 

Kathleen Hermance 
Valerie Hill 
Alicia Howell 
Larissa Huda 
Lauren Ingignoli 
Victor Joyner 

Fred Karl 

Lindsay Karlesberg-Gerstein 

Ryan Kelley 
Christopher Kennedy 
Taylor Kenyon 
Brinn Kingsley 

Nikita Kirchner-Bean 
Erin Kunigel 
Catie Lachapelle 
Betty LaVigne 
Jihan Leonard 
Tina Leonsio 

"Dreams are like stars... you may never touch 
them, but if you follow them they will lead you 

to your destiny." 

Michelle MacDonald 
Nicole Mace 
Brendon Makein 
Rachel Martin 
Ashley Mayer 
Kara McCall 

Elizabeth McWhirk 
Andrew Mick 
Rachael Miller 
Sara Miller 
Samantha Morrissey 
Lindsay Murray 

Georgia Napolitano 
Danielle Oakes 
Lauren Palana 
Jessica Passetto 
Andrew Pevlin 
Brian Pickett 

Cassandra Pierre 
Rachel Pike 
Kevin Pink 
Angelo Pizzonia 
Edward Richards 
Mark Richards 

Gabriela Rivera 
Ellen Rostai 
Erin Runnels 
Daniel Sadlocha 
Andrea Salter 
Karri Schongar 

Class of 2009 

Krysten Segala 
Sandra Sheridan 
Amelia Shwartz 
Emily Silver 
Steve Sullivan 
Sarah Taylor 

Jessica Thoresen 
Benjamin Todd 
Sara Valero 
Dayne Wahl 
Coady Ward 
Cari Wiater 

Karen Widrick 
Kimberly Wilson 
Norah Zarzecki 

President Christopher Kennedy 

Elected Vice President Jameek Clovie 

Coordinating Vice President Catie Lachapelle 

Treasurer Kevin Pink 

Parliamentarian Deb Ambroseno 

Events Coordinator Mark Richards 

Public Relations Jade Prickett 

Senate Chair Maggie Rolla 

Senate Secretary Keifer Gammell 

Student Trustee Gabriela Rivera 

Senators: Kristen Banks, Jaynelle Bellemore, 

Lauren Casola, Katie Collins, Kevin DeSantis, Todd 

Foy, Jessica Krason, Dezee Olivo, Jacqui Panasian, 

Cassandra Pierre, Hawa Umarova, Dayne Wahl 

Student Government Association 


MCLA Clubs and Activities 







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RlB^^^I i^^^l -I 

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, j Iflj 7 


Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together." 

Woodrow Wilson 




We made friends to last a lifetime... 

"The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone 

gets out of it alive." 
Robert Heinlein 



of the 


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, 
learn more, do more and become more, you 

are a leader." 

John Adams Quincy 

Orientation Leaders 



Amey Blackburn Ashton Darrett Barbara DeNucci Danielle Gismondi 





Dayne Wahl 

Ellen Rosati 

Gabriela Rivera Justin Vanderpoole 

Margret Rolla Marcelle Bastille Michael Obasohan 


Residential Programs and Serivces 


Peer Advisors 

Admission Ambassadors 

Jamal Ahamad 
Joe Baker 
Danielle Durand 
Kelly Flanagan 
Bobby Gibson 

Danielle Gismondi 

Staci Graves 

Larissa Huda 

Lindsay Karlsberg-Gerstein 

Ryan Kelly 

Ben Leahy 
Meghan McMahon 
Danielle Morrissey 
Alex Poulin 
Mark Richards 

Gaby Rivera 
Maggie Rolla 
Kat Sanford 
Sara Scully 
Laura Silverman 

Sean Snead 
Gina Wagner 
Dayne Wahl 
Ben Warren 

National Residence Hall Honorary 

The 2008-2009 members of the Rho Pi Sigma Chapter of the National Residence Hall 
Honorary From Left (Front): Mark Richards, Ryan Scutt, Jackie Ford, Maggie Rolla, 
Darren Fitzgerald ( Back Row): Kevin Pink, John Adams, Christopher Pataky, 
Brandon Clinton, Katie Collins 

The Campus Center Takeover took place 
on December 3rd, bringing clubs together 
for a night of fun. 

John Adams, Christoper Pataky, Kevin Pink, and 
Brandon Clinton pose after the spring 2008 induction 

Rolla and 
Fred Karl 
Share a 
I hug at the 
Center Take 

"You have to learn the rules of the 

game. And then you have to play 

better than anyone else." 

Albert Einstein 

All MCLA Athletic Pictures Courtsey of: Ian Grey 

Women's Soccer 

#9 Taylor Kenyon: 

Senior Captain. 2008 All-MASCAC 
1 st Team 

Hi g hli ghts 

#2 Jessica Teitgens this year: 

MASCAC All-Conference Team 

Set program record with 25 goals in a season 
Set program record with 59 points in a season 

Led MASCAC with 

25 goals 
1.39 goals per game 

59 points 
3.28 points per game 
7 game winning goals 


Overall: 12-6-0 Conf: 2-5-0 Home: 6-2-0 Away: 6-4-0 

~*set new program record in goals, assists, and points [56, 42,154]*- 

The Team 

Members of the team: Jen Wehner, Jessica Tietgens, Danielle Weber, Jade 
Prickett, Samantha Miller, Samantha Morrissey, Kaitlyn Dano, Karri 
Schongar, Taylor Kenyon, Gaby Fernandez. Erin Bourque, Julie Moran, 
Jackie Nash, Danielle Parenteau, Jenn Levesque, Lizzie Ryan, Harmony 
McGorman, Brittany Bradbury, Michelle MacDonald, Karrah Campman, 
Maggie Shea, Sara Miller, Lauren Ford, CeCe Von Tiesenhausen-Hush 


Men's Soccer 

The Roster 

#0 Bryan Char 

#1 Sean Teehan 

#2 Raul Escobar 

#3 John McCarthy 

#4 Camilo Bermudez 

#5 Tex Murray 

#6 Brian Szabo 

#7 Tom Murphy 

#8 Ben Twomey 

#9 Joe Deady 

#10 Gianfranco Bravo 

#11 Mitchell Maselli 

#12 Richard Massey 

#13 Luke Davis 

#14 Gary D'Annunzio 

#15 Dan Saunders 

#16 Matthew Nazor 

#17 Israel Diaz 

#18 Austin Sniezek 

#19 Kenneth Davol 

#20 Chris Nobrega 

#21 Mike Rowland 

#24 Liroy Ozinci 

#25 Tom Duplisea 

#26 Charles Donvan Martin 

#30 Evan Coe 

#32 Jason Peabody 

#33Adam Tarsa 


Israel Diaz fighting through 

Tom Murphy 

Raul Escobar 

Cross Country 

Women 's Cross Country 

Xhirley Gonzalez SO North Adams, MA/ Drury HS 

Rachel Wright SO Valatie, NY/lchabod Crane HS 

Emily Johnson SO Winchendon, MA 

Kerry Armstrong FR 

Nadyne Damas FR 

Meagan Blocker FR Worthington, MA/Pioneer Valley Perfomin 


Sam Piragis FR New Salem, MA/Mahar Regional HS 

Caitlin Culver FR Johnsonville, NY/Hoosic Valley HS 

Men 's Cross Country 

Nicholas Raby SO Danvers, MA/Bishop Fenwick HS 
Nick Curelop JR Athol, MA/Athol HS 
Chris Kelley SO North Easton, MA/Oliver Ames HS 
James Maloney SO Medway MA/Medway HS 
Daniel Celentano FR Adams, MA/McCann Tech HS 
Joe Harmon FR Worcester, MA/Doherty HS 
Kevin Riley FR Williamstown, MA/Hyde School 
Justin McCarthy FR North Adams, MA/ Drury HS 
Ben Warren JR West Springfield, MAA/Vestside HS 
Patrick Moran JR Whitman, MA /Whitman-Hanson HS 
Luis Yarro FR 

Men's Golf 



Andrew Polidoro FY Pittsfield, MA / Pittsfield HS 

Matt Douglas SR Whitehall, NY / Whitehall Central 

Ed Cano SR Cambridge, NY / Camridge Central 

Brandon Sullivan SR Dalton, MA / St. Joseph Central HS 

Matt Babeu SO Adams, MA / Hoosac Valley HS 

Adam Ciborowski SO W. Springfield, MA / St. Mary's 

Shane Ortega FY Pittsfield, MA / Pittsfield HS " 

The members of 

the 2008-2009 

Golf Team 

Coached by: 

David Bond was added 

to the coaching staff in 

August of 2005. Coach 

Bond is the owner of 

The Range (driving 

range, batting cages, 

and mini-golf) on 

Curran Highway in 

North Adams. 


Women 1 s Volleyball 

Hitters Amanda Borsotti and 

Kayla Bromback, [both from 

Lee, MA] run a successful play 

Amanda Borsotti #2 

Hayley Gunderson #3 

Marta Brown #4 

Kasey Snook #5 

Ryan Kelly #6 

Kayla Bromback #8 

Christina Kidd #10 

Amanda Lane #11 

Tasha Berora #13 

Wendy McLatchy # 15 

Coached By 

Amanda Beckwith 
Tim Leonard 

Assisted By 

Eric Pollander 
Robert Gibson 

Women's Tennis 

Coached by Annie Ruvolo 

Kristen Banks, SR. Norton. MA / Coyle& Cassidy HS 

Katie Bodnar. JR. Pittsfield. MA / Taconic HS 

Jinan Leonard. SR. Sharon. MA / Sharon HS 

Jennifer Paskowski, SR. Pittsfield. MA / Pittsfield HS 

Gabrieia Rivera. SR. Cambridge. MA / Cambridge Rindge 
& Latin 

Sandra Sheridan. SR. Littleton. MA / Littleton HS 

Carrie Richards. FY. Ludlow, MA / Ludlow HS 

Samantha Woodworth. SO. Cornwall, NY/ Cornwall HS 

Melanie Katcher, FY. Sharon. MA/ Sharon HS 

Jennifer Lamb, JR. Schnectady, NY/ Sehlamont HS 


Women's Basketball 

Larrisa Miner, Senior 

Jen Wehner, Freshmer 

Laura Silverman rebounding and 
putting the ball back up for two. 

IV It I I /^ 1 1 ■"" 7e Pl easure that comes from delighting in other 

I VI LJ vl Hid" people's well-being rather than begrudging it. " 

Jen We line 
both fre 


/• and Olivia McMullen, 
shtnen, fighting for a 

Alie Dobrovolc, Jackie Vye, Amanda Borsotti, AN Leveille, Chelsey 
Burke, Larissa Miner, Jade Prickett, Lauren Ford, Hilary Perks, Olivia 
McMullen, Jen Wehner, Molly Broda, Laura Silverman 

Coaching Staff: 

Head Coach: Holly McGovern 
Assistant Coach: Joe McGovern 
Managers: Isa O'Brien & Amey Blackburn 

Men's Basketball 

Head Coach: Jamie Morrison Volunteers: Thomas Alexander, 

John Samuel, Jared Martin 
Assistant Coach: Daniel Sadlowski 

Team Assistant: John Paulin 

#00 Pat Ryan 
#3 Mike Perreault 
#4 Pat O'Connell 
#5 Alex Lopes 
#1 1 Chris Cassells 

#13 Jeff Sprague 
#14 Mike Meaney 
#20 Kris McLaughlin 
#21 Marvin Thompson 
#22 Joey Paoletti 

#24 David Wilfore 
#25 James Rivers 
#30 Chris Harris 
#33 Connell Brown 
#35 Derek Gibbons 

#40 Michael Callahan- C 
#42 Jon Greenberg - C 
#50 Gessie Etienne 
Maurice Brown 


Freshmen Connell Brown shooting 

Point-guard Jeff Sprague shotting 
from the key 

Captain. Jon Greenburg for two 


Kris McLaughlin driving through 
the lane 



Inauguration Day in Washington 

01 .20.2009 

"Let it be said by our children's 
children that when we were tested we 
refused to let this journey end, that 
we did not turn back nor did we falter; 
and with eyes fixed on the horizon 
and God's grace upon us, we carried 
forth that great gift of freedom and 
delivered it safely to future 

- President Barack Obama 



If »- 




.' JM jif 4 

Thank you 
to a teacher and friend. 

Dr. Steve Green 

"The highest form of wisdom is kindness. " 


MCLA Faculty & Staff 

Thomas Alexander 
Robert Bence 
Ann Billet/. 
Sherry Burdick 
Diane Collins 

Charlotte Degen 
Erica Forrest 
Rita Janeczek 
Amalio Jusino 
Jon Meehan 

Jocelyn Merrick 
William Montgomery 
Spencer Moser 
Scott Nichols 
Celia Norcross 

Theresa O'Bryant 
Judy Ozolins 
Richard Pothier 
Dawn Schrade 
Jerry Smosky 

Stan Spiewak 
Dan Summers 
Carl Villanueva 

"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate 

themselves throughout their lives." 

Rebert M. Hutchins 


The faces of MCLA 





"lit mm 


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w^^.^1 ^^K ^^^B 

9b • 

, . : 




Thanks for the memories... 

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 
Class of 2009